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Choosing Incredible Produce Items

After enduring a few negative customer reviews, I decided we needed to work with our food supplier to order more exciting produce. We talked about all of the seasonal options, and I realized we weren't taking enough risks in the kitchen. I started ordering exciting produce, such as tropical fruits, seasonal veggies, and even new varieties of common items, and the difference was amazing. Our menu was filled with new selections, and our customers loved the new options. Read more about specialty foods on this blog. You never know, you might be able to revive your entire menu.


Creating The Perfect Pinot Noir Gift Basket

6 August 2015
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Wine gift baskets make excellent offerings for almost any occasion, and most people love receiving them. To make yours extra special, however, don't simply include several bottles of high-quality wine -- tuck in delectable culinary delights designed to complement the specific wines selected. Because wine and food evolved together, the best wine baskets feature regional themes. For instance, cool season grapes such as pinot noir grow best in the Pacific Northwest, so create your gift basket using regional cuisine. Read More …