Choosing Incredible Produce Items

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Choosing Incredible Produce Items

After enduring a few negative customer reviews, I decided we needed to work with our food supplier to order more exciting produce. We talked about all of the seasonal options, and I realized we weren't taking enough risks in the kitchen. I started ordering exciting produce, such as tropical fruits, seasonal veggies, and even new varieties of common items, and the difference was amazing. Our menu was filled with new selections, and our customers loved the new options. Read more about specialty foods on this blog. You never know, you might be able to revive your entire menu.


Simple Ways To Make Coffee Breaks More Enjoyable For Your Employees

26 May 2016
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The coffee pot has become a mainstay of the American office, and most employees greatly look forward to enjoying a few cups of this warm, enticing beverage throughout the day. If you're looking to improve employee satisfaction, improving the office coffee experience is a simple, inexpensive way to do that. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Purchase disposable (eco-friendly) coffee cups. Having to hunt for a clean coffee cup is never fun, especially in the early morning. Read More …

The Best Snacks To Pack For Your Summer Adventures And Excursions

13 May 2016
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Be sure to pack plenty of snacks for your summertime adventures and outings. Preparing foods that are high in protein and low in processed sugars will help give you energy for activities, without the crash later on. Plan ahead and pack snacks for summer fun that will provide nutrients, while still tasting good. Some sensible snacks for your summer excursions include: Beef jerky. Look for natural beef jerky that doesn't have a lot of preservatives and chemicals added. Read More …

Vegetarian Catering Ideas For Your Next Event

4 May 2016
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Vegetarian food can be quite satisfying, even for people who typically eat meat. If you're a vegetarian and want to serve vegetarian-only meals at your next event, there are plenty of great options you can try that will please your guests. The key to serving an all-vegetarian meal for your friends and loved ones is to incorporate delicious flavors with pleasing textures to serve up dishes they'll rave about. Here are a few ideas you can try when catering your next big event that are completely meat-free and sure to be a hit. Read More …

Tips To Make Your Next Backyard Barbecue A Real Summer Stunner

29 April 2016
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Now that summer is quickly approaching, it is time to break out your grill and prep it for all those delicious barbecued foods. If you are like the majority of Americans, you likely use your grill rather than allowing it to collect dust, and perhaps you even use it all year round. As a proud grill owner, it is only right to show off your grilling skills to your friends and family -- but not without help. Read More …

Creating The Perfect Pinot Noir Gift Basket

6 August 2015
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Wine gift baskets make excellent offerings for almost any occasion, and most people love receiving them. To make yours extra special, however, don't simply include several bottles of high-quality wine -- tuck in delectable culinary delights designed to complement the specific wines selected. Because wine and food evolved together, the best wine baskets feature regional themes. For instance, cool season grapes such as pinot noir grow best in the Pacific Northwest, so create your gift basket using regional cuisine. Read More …