Love Country Living? Reasons To Buy An Olive Farm

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Love Country Living? Reasons To Buy An Olive Farm

27 February 2017
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If you are thinking about making a change in your life, you may be thinking about heading off to the country. However, you may not know exactly how you want to go about making that transition or what type of living you would like to make. One of the options that may be available and of interest to you is buying an olive farm. However, before you head out and look at olive farms for sale, get to know some of the potential benefits of moving to and working on an olive farm. Then, you can be sure that you are making the best possible decision for yourself and your future.

Olives Are Always In Demand

There is a love all around the world for olives and the products made from them. As such, buying an olive farm means that you will essentially be guaranteed to turn a profit once you get yourself established and start harvesting your ripe olives.

This also means that you will not likely need to worry about a significant drop in the price of olives from year to year or season to season. While the prices you get for your olives will fluctuate just as any other crop does, it is unlikely that the market will suddenly be flooded with unwanted olives tanking the prices.

Unlike Other Crops, Olives Do Not Need To Be Replanted Annually

If you are not a seasoned and experienced farmer or agricultural expert, you want to choose a crop that minimizes some of work that you have to do on the plants themselves and the land overall. Olives are ideal in this situation because they are trees rather than crops that need to be planted, tilled, and replanted every year.

You will need to prune and maintain the trees, removing any that are dead or that stop producing fruit (olives), but overall, the planting will already have been done for you when you buy the olive farm. This may reduce your "culture shock" a bit when you transition from city to farm life.

You Can Learn to Make and Sell Your Own Olive Oil

If you love Mediterranean cuisine or simply love cooking with olive oil, owning an olive farm can be an even greater joy because it affords you the possibility of developing, making, and selling your own unique brand of olive oil. Having access to fresh olives right off of the branch will give you the opportunity to hand-select the types of olives to use and to experiment until you get an interesting recipe that is marketable. This is an additional revenue stream that you could open up from your olive farm if you so desire.

Keeping these reasons in mind, you can better determine if buying an olive farm is the right decision for you. If you're interested in buying an olive farm, contact a company like TUSCAN SUN OLIVE FARM AND PRESS.