Etch Glass Jars That Will Be Used To Can Preserves

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Etch Glass Jars That Will Be Used To Can Preserves

17 October 2016
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If you are going to be canning preserves this year that contain homemade ingredients and store bought marmalade that you have combined, etch the glass canning jars that you will be using in order to personalize them by completing the steps below. Once you have completed the project, give some of the finished products away as gifts this holiday season to your family, friends, and co-workers.


  • glass canning jars and lids
  • newspaper sheets
  • online template
  • sheets of self-adhesive labels
  • printer
  • utility knife
  • disposable gloves
  • bottle of etching cream
  • disposable bowl
  • artist's paintbrush
  • sponge
  • water
  • soft cloth
  • gift tags
  • hole puncher
  • string 
  • scissors
  • pen or marker

Secure Labels And Apply Etching Cream

Select an online template and use it to create a pattern or description that you would like to etch onto the side of each glass jar. Print the finished designs onto sheets of self-adhesive labels. Use a utility knife to cut out any portion of each label that you would like to fill in with etching cream. Secure one label to the side of each jar.

Put on a pair of disposable gloves and pour some of the etching cream into a bowl that you do not mind disposing of when finished with the project. Use an artist's paintbrush to fill in the cut out sections in each label with an even amount of etching cream. Wait for the cream to transform the appearance of the glass. It will have a hazy appearance when this occurs and may take several minutes. 

Remove The Cream And Fill And Tag The Jars

Dampen a sponge with water and use it to carefully remove cream that remains on each jar's surface. Afterwards, dry each glass surface with a soft cloth. Remove the labels and dispose of them, as well as any etching cream that remains. Fill each jar with the preserves that you made with store bought marmalade and additional ingredients and seal the lids.

Use a hole puncher to create a hole in one corner of each gift tag. Insert a thin piece of string through each hole and tie the ends of each string around one of the jar's handles. Write the name of one of the people who you will be giving a jar of preserves to on each tag. Each time one of the recipient's uses some of the preserves, they will be reminded of your thoughtfulness.

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