Simple Ways To Make Coffee Breaks More Enjoyable For Your Employees

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Simple Ways To Make Coffee Breaks More Enjoyable For Your Employees

26 May 2016
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The coffee pot has become a mainstay of the American office, and most employees greatly look forward to enjoying a few cups of this warm, enticing beverage throughout the day. If you're looking to improve employee satisfaction, improving the office coffee experience is a simple, inexpensive way to do that. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Purchase disposable (eco-friendly) coffee cups.

Having to hunt for a clean coffee cup is never fun, especially in the early morning. Employees may also get annoyed if others use their coffee cups or leave shared mugs unwashed in the sink. These hassles can be eliminated if you provide disposable coffee cups for your workers to use. Sure, some employees will still prefer to use their own mugs, but others will enjoy the convenience of having disposable cups on hand. Just make sure the cups you purchase are earth-friendly and recyclable so you're not generating a lot of waste. Cups that come with lids are best, as this will help prevent spills and messes.

Feature a new coffee flavor each month.

Offer two coffee pots. One should be filled with whatever standard brew your office has settled on, and the other should feature a different type of coffee each month. Those who prefer routine can stick with the standard coffee, but those who crave a little something different once in a while will really enjoy trying a new coffee each month. Try to really vary the types of coffee you choose for the rotating pot to appeal to an array of tastes. For instance, you could serve a caramel flavored coffee one month and a dark Italian roast the next. Label each coffee pot so employees know what they're sampling.

Offer some interesting additives.

Adding a different creamer, flavor, or topping to a cup of coffee makes it so much more exciting. If you're just offering cream and sugar currently, try offering a few new additives for your employees. You could add a new creamer to the stash each week or start accumulating some fancier toppings like chocolate curls and caramel syrup. If your budget is limited, consider having each employee bring in a coffee additive to share with the group.

With disposable cups, some new flavors and additives, and a pot that features a new type of coffee each month, you and your employees can enjoy coffee breaks like never before. You can get different flavors and creamers from a company like Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC. Happy sipping!