Vegetarian Catering Ideas For Your Next Event

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Vegetarian Catering Ideas For Your Next Event

4 May 2016
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Vegetarian food can be quite satisfying, even for people who typically eat meat. If you're a vegetarian and want to serve vegetarian-only meals at your next event, there are plenty of great options you can try that will please your guests. The key to serving an all-vegetarian meal for your friends and loved ones is to incorporate delicious flavors with pleasing textures to serve up dishes they'll rave about. Here are a few ideas you can try when catering your next big event that are completely meat-free and sure to be a hit.

Keep It Simple

For the appetizer course, consider simple salads that are full of crunchy, vibrant vegetables. Fresh summer salads with cucumber, tomato, and carrots are an easy dish to cater and most people enjoy a good salad. Be sure to provide a wide assortment of dressings for your guests to choose from so they can enhance the flavor of the salad to their liking. Add crunchy croutons and fresh shaved parmesan cheese for more textures and flavors. Grilled veggies are another simple solution that people really like. Cater grilled mushrooms, onions, and squash cooked in butter and seasoned with garlic for a hearty appetizer without the meat.

Getting Creative

You can create countless inspiring dishes that are completely vegetarian while maintaining flavors that most people enjoy. Potatoes are a versatile veggie that can be served up mashed, broiled. boiled, or fried. Add toppings like butter, cheese, freshly chopped chives and sour cream for a simple palate-pleasing dish. Avocado fries are a creative food that's rich in nutrients and has a really unique texture and flavor. This recipe is unusual yet simple and involves frying sliced avocado coated in bread crumbs to create a new spin on the standard French fry. Stuffed mushrooms make a great finger food, and you can stuff them with all kinds of great options including red peppers for added flavor. Large portobello mushrooms are filling, healthy, and can be a great substitute for meat providing similar texture that's pleasing even to meat eaters. Treat these mushrooms like a burger and serve them grilled on a bun with other delicious toppings.

The Main Event

For bigger dishes, you have countless options when it comes to catering vegetarian style. Egg rolls and spring rolls are easy to make and can be filled with all kinds of delicious goodies and fried to a golden brown. Add hot chile sauce for dipping to make a really bold dish that your guests will love. Vegetable lasagna is simple yet hearty and is a definite favorite for people who like Italian food. Simply prepare it as you would normally and just leave out the meat adding spinach or eggplant instead. Asian stir fry and Thai noodles are other flavorful dishes that people enjoy regardless of their meat-eating status. You don't have to serve bland all-vegetable dishes for your next event. Come up with some creative ways to incorporate flavors, textures, and delicious vegetables for a menu that's memorable and delicious. Contact a business that handles catering services for more information.