Tips To Make Your Next Backyard Barbecue A Real Summer Stunner

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Tips To Make Your Next Backyard Barbecue A Real Summer Stunner

29 April 2016
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Now that summer is quickly approaching, it is time to break out your grill and prep it for all those delicious barbecued foods. If you are like the majority of Americans, you likely use your grill rather than allowing it to collect dust, and perhaps you even use it all year round. As a proud grill owner, it is only right to show off your grilling skills to your friends and family -- but not without help. Thanks to some great tips, you can make your next backyard barbecue gathering a guaranteed success.

Barbecue Sauce is Not Just for Meat

While you are busy lathering up your favorite cuts of meat in a delicious barbecue sauce, you may be overlooking the fact that there are plenty of other foods that deserve some flavorful love. Barbecue sauce can improve the taste factor of many foods that pair well as barbecue side dishes. For instance, barbecue sauce would pair well with the following foods:

  • Southwestern Salad: If you're going to serve heaping mounds of barbecued meats, why not accompany those meats with a refreshing green salad? Cut up some avocados, bacon, and tomatoes and toss your salad with a creamy dressing. Add a drizzle of barbecue sauce to the creamy dressing for a southwestern-inspired flavor. This trick also works for pasta salads.
  • Shredded BBQ Carrots: Shred some carrots, coat them in barbecue sauce, and cook them until the carrots become soft and tender. Serving some sort of vegetable with your barbecued meats is highly recommended. With that in mind, barbecue shredded carrots can add delicious flavors and textures to your next backyard barbecue gathering.

Spices and Sauces Are for Flavor

Spices, such as those used to make a rub, and sauces, whether it be barbecue sauce or steak sauce, are used to add flavor to your meats. It is important to remember that you should never attempt to bathe your meats in spices and sauces. You do not want to make the mistake of drowning out the smoky flavor of a properly and deliciously grilled meat.

To begin with, if you are using a rub for flavor, add it to your meat slowly. You want enough on the meat that it coats it, but not so much that it clumps up or falls off. If you reach the point where the rub is clumping or falling off, you have used too much. Despite the fact that the name "rub" suggests rubbing, do not vigorously rub your spices onto your meat. Instead, sift them onto the meat evenly and gently pat down.

If you are using a sauce for flavoring, such as barbecue sauce from G Dub's Sauces, do not make the mistake of adding too much and certainly don't add it too soon. Barbecue sauce tends to have a high sugar content, and sugar can burn easily. A burnt coating over your meat can really ruin the flavor. Instead, baste your barbecue sauce on approximately a half hour before the meat is finished cooking. The goal is to caramelize the sugars without burning them.

Try not to use more than 1/3 to a ½ cup of sauce on your meat so that you are not overdoing it. You want to allow the flavor of the meat to dominate through the flavor of the sauce. Think of the sauce as an addition rather than the source of all of your flavor. Keep in mind that some of your guests may want extra sauce, so it is best to have some on the table. Warm the sauce up on the stove before putting it out so you are not serving cold barbecue sauce with warm meats.

By applying these simple tips, you can easily perfect your barbecue skills and impress your guests when it comes time to plan your next backyard barbecue gathering. The great things about these tips is that they can work wonders whether you create your own rubs and sauces or you purchase them from your local store.